Deploy Apps

Deploy applications to your users outside the Android Market. AppKilt gives you two options for getting your apps to your users.

  1. Use your own private App Market App
  2. Send your users to a web-page to download them.

AppKilt Private Market

The AppKilt private market is a personalized App Market that contains only the apps you want. Your users can browse the collection and easily download, install, and update any of your apps right from the market app.

The AppKilt private market app makes the process of installing apps incredibly easy for your end-users. The app itself is available on Google Play. Once installed, the AppKilt private market ensures that the user's phone is setup correctly to install your apps.

Not only does the AppKilt Private Market help users install your apps, it also automatically manages updates.

Web-Page Download

Users can also download your apps directly, without installing a separate market app. This option is attractive when your company is publishing relatively few apps.

New apps can be downloaded easily by simply typing in the address into the mobile device's browser. AppKilt also creates a QR code for you as a convenience.

The page presented to the user makes the process of installing the app very easy. In addition to presenting a description of the app and screenshots, the download app page also automatically detects the device version and presents relevant install instructions.

In addition to a simple install process, the update process is even easier! AppKilt provides a small, open-source library that is embedded into your app. Once added, users will automatically receive a notification when an update is available for their app.

Manage Updates

Push new App updates to your users' devices. Simply upload your latest code, and users will automatically receive the latest version.

Your personal app store automatically detects all of your installed apps and offers users the option to upgrade them. When using the AppKilt open-source library, the apps themselves can also auto-detect when new updates are available.

Maintain Privacy

AppKilt keeps your apps private! Your App Store is protected by a username and password so that only your authorized users can have access to your apps. These passwords can be updated at any time.

The AppKilt server can also be installed in your own datacenter. Enterprise customers have access to a locally deployable appliance. The network traffic can then be tightly controlled; only users within your corporate network may access your apps.

Track Bugs

Don't let bugs go unreported! AppKilt automatically receives bug reports for every crash.

The AppKilt open-source library automatically detects crashes and silently uploads a bug report every single time. All bug reports are immediately available on the AppKilt console.

Get User Feedback

Allow your users to provide you with important feedback about your app. Find out about issues quickly!

Your private AppKilt market encourages a direct line of communication with your customers. Users can post feedback to you about potential problems with your app that may not be covered by bug reports.